Sacred Music For Sacred Forests Benefit Concert May 2015

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Sacred Music For Sacred Forests Benefit Concert May 2015

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Sacred Music For Sacred Forests Benefit Concert May 2015


Publicado em 8 de fev de 2016
Among his many benefit events of 2015, Krishna Das sang at the this unique event in May at the beautiful space at abc Carpet & Home in New York City.

All proceeds from the concert were donated to the conservation work of Dr. Ullas Karanth in the remaining forests of India which is last viable home of the wild tiger. Dr. Karanth, of Wildlife Conservation Society ( and India’s preeminent tiger conservationist gave us a presentation about the wild tiger. In this event produced by Nina Rao's non-profit organization Saving Wild Tigers (, Nina Rao (, Devadas Labrecque (, Janaki Kagel, Arjun Bruggeman ( and Mark Egan ( opened with solo performances and the evening was anchored by Krishna Das’ inimitable kirtan.

At the end of the evening Ullas said to KD: “Your voice is as magnificent as the roar of a tiger in the forest on a moonlit night!”

In the Ramayana it is said that the very leaves of the trees in forest resonated with the vedas and chants of the rishis and sages who practiced there so intensely. That night we had the chance to offer the chants back to the forest.

Hope you enjoy this video.

video: Sandy Chase / Fluid Film

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